It was with sadness and excitement that I announced the end of The Facilitator newsletter in November 2008.​

In 1993, I was searching for facilitation training and resources and discovered that there was no single source for this type of information. This led to the creation of the first issue of The Facilitator which I sent to the members of the Southwest JAD Users Group (which later became the Southwest Facilitators Network). I included a survey to find out if others were interested in a publication like The Facilitator and what they wanted to see in it. The response was overwhelming and The Facilitator was born.

Over time, the facilitation world has evolved with the growth of the Internet, the formation of the International Association of Facilitators, and the ability to communicate through LinkedIn and Facebook groups. With so many ways to learn and share facilitation tips, techniques, and training info as well as get answers to questions quickly and easily, The Facilitator as a printed newsletter became obsolete.

Thus it was time to move on, but I will always remember and be grateful for the support I received from you.

Keep facilitating!

Susan Nurre