There are over 15,000,000 meetings daily in the United States.  People lose countless hours and companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars when these meetings don’t get results.   
Whether you are a leader or facilitator who runs the meeting or a participant who attends one, you and your team deserves the right tools to  employ that will enhance your meetings and accomplish your business objectives.

  1. The Consciously Competent Facilitator
    For leaders and facilitators who conduct workshops and sessions focused on group interaction and decision-making
    Whether your meetings are same time, same place workshops or geographically-distributed conference calls, this three-day highly participative course will enhance your professional-level facilitation competencies. Based on the core competencies of the International Association of Facilitators, learn to successfully plan, execute and follow-up through critical preparation activities, and group and content management strategies.
  2. The Consciously Competent Meeting Leader
    For managers, team leaders, project managers, anyone who leads meetings on a regular basis
    In this one-or two-day course, learn how to plan and deliver effective collaborative meetings. With the Best Practices for Successful Meetings© and other tools, you and your team will get more accomplished in less time in the meetings you run, while accomplishing your business objectives collaboratively.
  3. The Consciously Competent Participant
    For ANYONE who goes to meetings (which would be EVERYONE)
    While preparing and conducting effective meetings is key to producing results, the participants in those meetings also have a contribution to make. This half-day course is a strong complement to The Consciously Competent Meeting Leader or can stand on its own. Your meeting participants will learn tools and techniques that they can use to be more effective meeting participants.
  4. Facilitation Coaching/Shadowing
    For meeting leaders who would like to strengthen and enhance their effectiveness
    Because facilitation skills are easily transferable to other areas of your business and your life -- from team meetings to boardroom presentations to employee evaluations to community involvement -- it’s important to keep these skills current and strong. Coaching is customizable to meet your needs, and can include observation, agenda/process reviews, and semi-annual lessons learned workshops.